Every tree banks carbon from the air we breathe. Roughly half the mass of dried wood is carbon converted from the air while trees exchange the carbon they use for oxygen the we all breathe. 

A block of wood which is engraved with the chemical symbol for carbon, "1 lb Carbon" and the Heartwood and Steel logo.

Clearly, the best environmental choice is to keep trees growing and saving carbon but trees need to come down for a number of reasons. Sometimes, valuable trees die of old age, just like people. 

At Heartwood and Steel, we save trees that come down as our mission around our city and use them in ways so they continue to contribute beauty into our lives and sequester the carbon they hold for a very long time. 

That’s why I collect cut trees to make my own lumber and build things that will last as long as you own them and bring joy into your life. By investing in real wood products from Heartwood and Steel, you are helping to save the planet and helping to create an heirloom that others will continue to enjoy for its own beauty and because it’s naturally a good choice for our planet.